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John Taylor MAT is delighted to introduce its newest primary school, opening September 2024.

John Taylor MAT is delighted to introduce its newest primary school, opening September 2024.

Headteacher Welcome Letter

I am delighted and honoured to be Headteacher Designate of Branston Locks Primary and Nursery School, a proud member of the John Taylor MAT family. We can’t wait to welcome you into our beautiful new school.

Our doors will be opening in September 2024 to the first ever learners at Branston Locks and their families. It is such an exhilarating time, and I am confident that we will grow together to achieve excellence.

Branston Locks will be an inspiring, nurturing and inclusive place, in which to grow and learn. We will endeavour to ensure that every child is able to achieve their potential and that their curiosity is developed to enable them to become lifelong learners. We will prepare them for the wider world and work with you, their families, to develop kind, caring, responsible citizens of the future.

Branston Locks promises to be at the heart of our evolving community, and we are eager to ensure our school family flourishes. I invite you to accompany us on our exciting journey as we grow our community together. You can find a wealth of information on this website, or follow us on Facebook or X for the latest updates.

Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss anything further. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and your children.

Best wishes,
Mrs Bryant

Open Morning

Saturday 25th November 2023

Join us to meet the Headteacher and get more information about our new school, receive a goody bag and find out how to apply for a Nursery or Reception place for September 2024.

Register for the Open Morning:

Apply for a 2024 Nursery Place

We are now accepting applications for Nursery places for children who will be over 3 years old in September 2024. You can also apply for a place to start from January 2025 and from April 2025 if your child turns 3 years old later in the academic year. Please download the form, complete it and email it back to us at We are now able to confirm places within a couple of weeks of your application.

Building Updates

May 2024

We are delighted to be able to share with you the construction progress from the school building site; we will use this as a place to share the latest updates regarding the development of Branston Locks Primary & Nursery School. Please see May’s progression report, and check back regularly for further updates.

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Play Video about Branston Locks Illustration

Watch the fly through video, above, of our proposed new building.

A Wonderful New School

John Taylor Multi-Academy Trust wishes to build on the success of the existing primary schools within its MAT, including Fradley Park Primary and Nursery School which opened in September 2022, and use their expertise and educational leadership in the area to deliver an inspiring curriculum supported by outstanding care.

We are thrilled to announce that we will be offering 30 Reception places and 26 Nursery places for our young learners. It’s a fantastic opportunity for your child, and we hope to see them next September!

Apply for a 2024 Reception Place

If your child is starting Reception in September 2024, you need to apply for their school place through Staffordshire County Council. The application window closed on 15th January 2024, but if you have missed this, please click to visit their website for further information on late applications. Please also note our admission arrangements for places.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Yes – as Branston Locks Primary and Nursery School is part of John Taylor MAT, there is a central behaviour policy that applies to all the schools within the Trust. This can be found in the Policies section of our website at, here. We want to foster an encouraging environment at Branston Locks and so aim to reward and encourage positive behaviour with all our children.

The Early Years Curriculum is focused around experience based learning – and much of this comes through play. Children will have time for more formal style learning in their classes, particularly for phonics and maths but a lot of time is spent learning through play in the free flow environment inside the classroom, and in the outdoor playground.
Nursery and Reception will be in two separate classrooms and will spend most of their time in their respective class groups. However, there will be times of the day eg. Lunchtime, and morning break when they will mix in the Hall and outside playground. Additionally, they will all be together for Assemblies.

As Branston Locks Primary and Nursery School is part of John Taylor MAT, the online software that is used across the Trust (Secureus) will also be in place here. This is a well-established and recognised school software provider.

Applications to Reception

In the first year, we are aware that the new housing in the immediate locality of the school is unlikely to generate 30 places for Reception. We will therefore be admitting pupils from slightly further afield.  We anticipate that enthusiasm for the school will mean that we will fill the 30 places we have.

In the event of high demand the oversubscription criteria laid out in the Trust Admissions Policy will apply.

Yes, once children are allocated a place to Branston Locks Nursery or Reception, the Headteacher and class teachers will visit the children in their current Nursery/Pre-school provision during the Summer term, and meet the staff to have a detailed and smooth transition.
The school will follow the early years and KS1&2 expectations of computing in the curriculum. Children’s skills in computing will develop as a result of the curriculum but the value of developing writing and working in books will be chosen over digital recording.

Applications to Nursery

Places for Nursery are allocated on a first come first served basis.

John Taylor MAT’s application to sponsor Branston Locks Primary and Nursery School was for 26 Nursery places and 1 form of entry in Reception for 30 places. We will adhere to these numbers.
We anticipate that by the end of this term (22nd December 2023) we will be in a position to confirm Nursery places for September 2024.

Applications for nursery are open now. Parents can apply as early as they wish, we will keep all names of file and contact you prior to the start term to check your requirements.

Please download the form, here, complete it and email it back to us at We plan to be able to confirm Nursery places before the end of this term (22nd December 2023).

Wrap Around Care

Yes it will.

Wrap around will be offered from 07:30am–18:00pm.

Within the sessions, there will be a broad range of activities for the children to enjoy including; adult-led art and craft activities, outside games, board games, imaginative play, puzzles, Lego and construction, a relaxing area for listening to music or reading books, iPads, gardening etc. The options would be rotated and vary according to the weather and the needs, ages of the individual children.  The provision will be friendly, and fun within a safe and stimulating environment.

Cost of wrap around, morning and afternoon sessions, will be determined by demand, but we’ll naturally look to make it affordable to families and in line with other local options.


Yes, Nursery children will wear the same uniform as Reception children, and older children as the school grows.

No under the Equality Act the items of uniform are available to be worn by girls and boys.

After-School Clubs

Yes. This will grow as the school grows and the ages/interests of the children develop. When children are in Nursery and Reception, the school day is in itself normally long and busy enough for them! In Reception, some lunchtime clubs will be available for children to access e.g. ‘Mini Book Club’ and ‘Snap’ (Games Club).
If there is a demand we will look to holiday clubs run by the school or in conjunction with private providers for some of the holiday times. Further details of this will follow after the school has opened.
As the school grows we will engage with Staffordshire music Hub to offer private music lessons.

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Our Location

Located adjacent to the new housing development in Branston Locks, with great access to the A38, Branston Locks Primary & Nursery School is ideally located to serve it’s neighbouring communities.